Pool/Spa Coping & Decks

Pool/Spa Coping & Decks Modern pool or spa deck designs aren’t limited to poured concrete. In fact, the emphasis has now shifted to pavers rather than other traditional methods. Some people use concrete, while others prefer stone, brick or even permeable pavers as decking materials.

  • Pavers: Pavers are the most popular materials used in pools and spas decking today. They’re permeable, & come in different shapes, sizes and designs. They are more affordable in comparison to stone or wood and look great. Precast pavers might be made of concrete but they’re able to move with the ground so they don’t crack easily. The surface isn’t slippery, which makes it an ideal material for pool and spa spaces.

  • Stone: Stone is slightly less popular because of the cost involved but the end result is always stunning and grand to look at. We use light colored porous stone that reflects light and doesn’t get hot. We also use stone that doesn’t have a slippery surface.

  • Brick: This material is used in older architectures and designs. While brick may not be as popular as wood and pavers, it is a good option for decks. It is highly permeable and doesn’t absorb heat. It isn’t as expensive as stone and can add an interesting design element to your home.

Pool Coping

Coping is the edging installed in the pool and can be made from different materials. Like decks, it used to be made from poured concrete, Today, you can choose from options like poured cantilever, tiled or veneered cantilever, stone coping or precast coping in your in ground pools and spas. If you have any questions about pools and spas or want an estimate, you can call Cornett Masonry at 805-371-9992. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.